Sculpting or carving in clay, wood, polymer or ceramics

Sculpting and carving are very different. Carving is taking away or cutting pieces out of a material. Sculpting or modeling is much more forgiving since you are adding as well as taking away material. Tools for modeling are not usually sharp as they are meant to push and form material and not cut it away. Carving tools are very sharp and need to be sharpened as they are dulled by use.

Working in three dimensions is more than challenging, but very rewarding and at Way Up Art & Frame you will find both carving tools and modeling tools. Please see the list below for a few examples of what we keep in stock.

clay sculpture

Sculpting in Clay

sculpting tools

Modeling Tools

Sculpture tools and materials:

  • plaster casting, mold making
  • clay – modeling
  • clay – ceramic & pottery
  • clay – polymer
  • clay for kids
  • sculpting stands
  • armatures, wire
  • clay, pottery tool sets
  • clay, pottery tools
  • wire mesh
  • carving tools
  • wire loop tools
  • cutting wire