Custom Jersey Framing

Custom Jersey Framing

How better to show your pride and dedication to the team than displaying your team jersey with custom jersey framing? Why leave your jersey in a closet tucked away unseen and unappreciated when it can be on the wall for all to see? Jerseys should be preserved and displayed proudly. A jersey hung on a wire hanger for years in a dark closet will not show your pride or bring you much joy. That coat hanger isn’t the best way preserve your jersey’s value either!

Custom Jersey Framing

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Most frame shops frame art and photos, but do not know what is involved in custom jersey framing or displaying sports memorabilia. Here at Way Up Art & Frame we know how to treat your jersey collection and how to make a lasting impression that goes beyond standard displays.

Professional custom jersey framing is a labor-intensive process. It requires careful and precise positioning and securing of the jersey. Protective UV glass and acid free archival mat board is essential to be sure that the jersey will be enjoyed throughout the years. The addition of custom lettering and team logo along with inset photos takes the standard framed jersey to a whole other level. And in-frame lighting takes it right over the top!

You have to come to the shop to see our over-the-top jersey shadow box display. Even if you are not a 49ers fan we think you will still be able to appreciate the detailed work.  The 49er logo is cut out of mat board and inset. Photos of action on the field are placed around the jersey. Unique textured matting and cuts truly set this piece apart. And finally in-frame LED strobe lighting that slowly transitions from one color to the next finishes it off.

Please look through our jersey gallery to see some examples of our work.

Custom Jersey Framing Galery